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The indecisive person’s adventure into packing

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

One question we’ve been getting so much it deserve’s it’s on post is - ‘So what are you packing!?’ Below is a full list of exactly what I have in my pack, but the answer is not that much! Although quite honestly, probably still more than we need to be.

One backpack each is essentially what it comes down to. We ended up with very similar Osprey 55 liter packs - they are front loading, which will make living on the road much easier. I also discovered the world of packing cubes, which have already made a world of difference in organizing what we have with us. I tried a variety, but the Eagle Creek originals and Specter are my favorite so far.

Given how efficiently we need to pack, we made sure everything we brought is as versatile and lightweight as possible. I became a very savvy online shopper (or maybe just made myself crazier than necessary?) making sure I found anything I didn’t yet have. 2 areas were definitely the most stressful for me:

1. Shoes: Shoes are tough, and even Will gave me some slack for the amount I stressed over this. After all, a bad pair of shoes could easily make our trip no fun. Specifically:

  • Hiking shoes: I’m pretty sure I went through 4 pairs of shoes before picking one. I really wanted to like this pair by Solomon, but just didn’t fit right. The Oboz Sawtooth II is what REI recommended to me, but turns out the one they sold me wasn’t waterproof, so that was annoying, so Ultimately landed on this pair by Vasque.

  • Sneakers: I thought I’d be wearing my good old Asics, but at the last minute got jealous of Will’s new Nikes, and ended up buying a pair of flyknits myself! I’m pretty pumped for these and definitely think it was a good decision given how light and flexible they are!

2. Work Out Clothes (mainly bras)! If I wasn’t such a workout addict, I think packing would be a ton easier. The sports bras just add bulk and working out = sweat, which means more laundry to do, which may not always be so easy.

So what’s going in my pack? I’ll tell you exactly what made the cut.



  • T-shirts: 2

  • Tanks: 6 - most quick dry, one cotton for sleeping

  • Long Sleeve: 2 - including 1 light zip-up

  • Shorts:

  • Light weight/ workout: 3

  • Cotton: 1 for sleeping

  • Jean: 1


  • Leggings: 1

  • Jeans: 1 (will likely say bye to these after Japan)

  • Lightweight pant: 1

Dresses: 2 - both lightweight / quick drying


  • Underwear: 11 - this is way too many from what I’ve gathered, but I couldn’t help but wanting to make sure we could go a week + without laundry!

  • Socks: 8 - 4 wool for hiking / 5 regular (hopefully we’ll be wearing sandals most of the time!)

  • Bras: 1 regular bra (eek), 2 light weight sports bras, 2 regular sports bras (less fun category for me to think about)

  • Bathing suits - 2 (I decided for 2 really lightweight ones vs 1 that is made of thicker material)


Other / Accessories

  • Packable lightweight coat - we really only need this for Japan. Unfortunately might not make it back to NYC

  • Travel towel

  • Scarf/sarang

  • Baseball hat

  • Warm hat for Japan - also likely staying in Japan

  • Workout bands & jump rope!

Electronics And all the charges that go with

  • Chromebook - so I can blog :)

  • Phone - mainly for pictures TBH

  • Kindle - so much reading!

Toiletries & more

  • No Makeup

  • All the usual face / body / hair / mouth products

  • Sun screen

  • Bug spray

  • Tampons

  • Lots of medicine / first aid needs

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