• Maya Leeds

FAQ (again)

Are you really just quitting your jobs to travel?


What are you doing with your apartment?

Our lease is up! We’ve been living in a small, family-run building and were able to work it out with our land lord so that we are moving out Feb. 28th (thanks, Ellen!).

But what about all your stuff?

Well, this might sound crazy, but we really don’t have as much stuff as you might think. We’re overdue for a new mattress, so looking forward to getting rid of the one we have. Thanks to Zola we were able to wait to get a majority of our wedding gifts (thanks everyone!) shipped until we get back. We are also just really excited to use this as an opportunity to get rid of things that have accumulated over the years! Everything else will go into storage for a little while.

Are you going to come back to New York?

That is the plan. We love New York despite wishing it were warmer all year round. We’re going to take advantage of visiting friends and family while we job search, so hard to know when we will really be grounded again.

How long are you going to be gone?

At the longest about 5 months, getting back, mid-late July. We know we’ll be back for a wedding at the end of July (looking at you Lauren & Scott!).

Where are you going?

We are starting in Japan and plan to spend the majority of our time in South East Asia. We are looking forward to being spontaneous and making decisions as they come, so where we plan to go might change. Depending on how we’ve managed our time & money, we may head over to Europe - we’d also love to make it to Spain & Amsterdam.

Can I visit?

YES please! However, we can’t really promise where we’ll be. If you’re able to be last minute we’ll do our best to coordinate with you.


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